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What is Networking and why is it important?

Networking involves meeting new people who share a profession, passion, or interest. Through networking, individuals typically exchange ideas and information. This is a way for you to find a new job or just a new role at your current company. It could even get you in a position to work for your dream company!

Networking is important because through interacting with people, you will keep a pulse on the job market, stay in touch with current trends, and meet prospective clients, partners, and mentors. Besides developing and improving your skillset, networking gives you access to the resources necessary to foster your career development.

It is possible to network through a variety of sources, such as at events, your office, or through industry associations. You can also connect with specific individuals via email, LinkedIn, or another method to arrange a meeting. If you all would like to Network with KMA, you can join us at our BACK-TO-BACK event Tuesday, March 14th where we will be hosting a professionalism training session with Gartner followed by a Networking event!

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